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                                     Exposing working conditions to light

  Identifying wire faults, isolating fault area, applying proper fault remedy. check for safety, lastly; reset fault protections, if steps are 100%.

Who We Are: culturally & ethnically diverse; military veterans, & retired law enforcement.

What We Do: first, we listen,  next we create, Design & Build-Out Ideas

Why We Exist: For Doers, thinkersDreamers. To Build A Better Mouse Trap, and Advance Technology globally for society's benefit

Product: Lighted Lineman Pliers [Nickname]Bright-Grips!

attachable led, rubber grip handle lineman pliers 

replace cr2032 for extended illumination.

bright-grips! a niche' product for the wiremen's trade

lineman pliers, used daily. electricians performing wiring task in dark or dimly lit areas rely on bright-grips to complete wiring task

Lighted Lineman Pliers® Product Line: 

1-patented led grip

2-bright-grips1 left handle or right

3-super bright-grips(2)led(1)per handle

4-bright-grips black & white each handle

5-bright-grips black (2)led (1) per handle                                                          

why bright-grips for electrical wiring & connectivity over regular lineman pliers? personal safety.

   squinting eyes, straining pupils when connecting multi-wire; cable colors; numbers & terminations. Why Not ?

The Science of Right [Emanuel Kant 1790]