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Wiremen Splicing Wires in Dark, Severe conditions. Why use Matches? Here's the Lighter.

Customers lost power. Restore their lights safely & rapidly with durable 6-in-1 LED Lineman Pliers

Illuminate wire colors in and instant.

wire code; blue, black, red, green, white: brown, orange, yellow, gray 

with lighted lineman pliers.

6-in-1 wiring tool. rapid wiring system includes: crimper & led grip lighting reducing all splice box make up time:

elevator pit
wind turbines manholes, Attics & Cellars

while cutting, stripping and splicing.

3-no set up time

2-cuts labor cost

1-finger tip 


handles with led

lights convenience


Go-Green with BRIGHT-GRIPS!

Attachable/Removable LED for Lineman Pliers handle(s)

Plug out to your customers power instead of plugging in.

cord lights for a 20 minute troubleshoot and splice.

spare your customer

Cost of toxic generator

fumes. Droplights, Head lights, or Flash lights on Job sites.

Reduce construction site toxic methane gas emissions.



LED GRIP Lineman Pliers

When wireman absolutely haven't time setting up ambiguous lighting systems


9.5" lineman pliers; for leverage. rubber- squeeze handles. crimper, fish tape + led grip lights.

Save Money

Save Time

Save Your Customers

Just use Bright-Grips!

CITY OF LIGHTS: LED 5x Safer, 10x Efficient, 15x Energy Saver & Less costly

BRIGHT-GRIPS! Frontline Electricians most used hand tool


 24/7 on the move. 8m fast moving people, like no other city. electricity moves 186,000x faster than the city


*Bright-Grips: rapid light path, to rapidly restore power and light in darkness/power outages
Interface Safe LED into Hand Tools?
Both light & tool secure in same hand for wiring.
Illuminate wires/cables/conductors as your wiring. 

No more straining & squinting eyes for proper safe connections.

Your lineman pliers now have lights.

nyc electric-grid: normal, emergency and critical power systems. its complex manhole /tunnel grid system, know it, because have wired it before.

storm damage; cyber-attacks; feeder-faults 

(Select licensed & insured electricians) 

*Wiremen depend on safe, efficient, bright led illumination, for cutting, splicing and crimping wires. rapidly & instantaneously, on the spot

                                         -Brightgrips 2013



Wire Raceway Aftermath storm damage


Restore storm damaged wiring

 bright-grips; guiding lights

LED GRIP(WHITE) Visual Aid: Attachable LED device Rapid Light

Bolt-On Access Drawer; CR2032 disposable Cell; Fine Jeweler's Screwdriver)

LED GRIP(Black)Visual Aid; Attachable LED Device

On/Of Slide Switch; Rapid Control. Bright illumination at your Finger tip

QED Switch/Panel Board

BRIGHT-GRIPS! Illuminates dimly lit Electricity Cabinets, Closets, and Enclosures.


 Reduce costly Set-up Time & Labor.

Bright-Grips! Online Price $45.

7-10 days delivery. 

 Turn 'ON' Bright-Grips! Illuminate wire colors for a safe splice each time in dark spaces. Simultaneously restoring lights on the Spot.

Turn 'Off' Bright-Grips! When done. 

On to next Service call.  

Visit *Revco Lighting & Electrical Supply's 6 Long Island location.

 And *L.I. Hardware. Bohemia.

$45 Range Price Tag/Bright-Grips! Weight(1lb) Pocket Tool


                                    FOR LINEMAN PLIERS

*Do not increase a pliers handle length to gain more leverage, instead choose larger sized pliers

*Never subject pliers to temperatures that could decrease tool hardness

*Cut hardened wire only with pliers designed for that purpose

*Do not substitute pliers for a wrench when turning nuts and bolts

*Be sure the pliers' jaws can grasp properly when bending rigid wire

*Do not hammer with pair of pliers

*Cut wire at right angles without bending wire back and forth against the cutting edge of a pliers

*Always use non-sparking pliers when in the presence of to visitors.  

Bright-Grips! led hand lights illumination replaces outdated toxic light bulbs; argon, incandescent, fluorescent & halogen gas;  droplights, light stands no more.  since 2005 there were 900 deaths & 15,400 emergency room visits for methane poison treatment. according to consumer safety commission.  save lives, reduce emergency room visits during general construction. construction managers & wiring contractors, we can do better. demand bright-grips! on jobsite


Expeditionary Electrician

USN 1980-84 : USNR 1984-92

Member Since 1989




Comrades, near & far. It's my high honor to've served along beside you

Since 2015